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Fast and simple access to liquidity pools on major crypto exchanges. Aggregation, hedging, mapping of symbols, synthetic instruments, risk parameters. All these and many more other features are available.

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What is MarksMan

MarksMan Liquidity Hub enables retail and institutional brokers as well as crypto-exchanges, to deliver the best possible trading experience to their customers. The product provides a set of services for access to spot liquidity of digital assets and other trading instruments.

MarksMan supplies top-of-the-book and full market depth pricing, as well as includes simple yet powerful price construction and risk hedging features.

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Our Ecosystem

MarksMan Ecosystem is a network of platform-accredited Liquidity Providers and Client Venues, which enables the taker and maker participants to receive liquidity from any sources and supply it to any destination via price feeds.

Such sophisticated yet efficient ecosystem interchange delivers an unparalleled user experience, revenue opportunities, and risk mitigation provisions.

Client (Exchange) Client (Exchange) Client (Exchange) External LP’s External LP’s Ecosystem Partner Ecosystem Partner Ecosystem Partner Liquidity Engine Hedging Engine Liquidity Engine Hedging Engine

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Ecosystem Participants

Ecosystem Takers

Taker Venues (or Clients) can use MarksMan to connect their exchange or broker trading platforms to a vast range of liquidity providers to aquire price feeds and hedge price risks.

By connecting to both ecosystem-supported and external LPs, Takers can have a better selection of trading instrument quotes with improved market depth, and more flexibility in how they hedge their risks.

Ecosystem Makers

As key players in the Ecosystem, Makers (Partners) help to maintain great liquidity for clients by providing quality price feeds and best price execution opportunities.

By joining the Ecosystem List, they commit to supplying liquidity for client instances, ensuring that the trading continues to be smooth and effective.

Liquidity Providers

External LPs
Ecosystem LP
Perpetual Futures
MarksMan Liquidity Hub’s Perpetual Engine services feed the derivative contract specification data along with the futures quotes empowering trading venues to offer their own Perpetual Futures products.
Perpetual Futures FIX Trading Platforms Other Trading Platforms Liquidity Providers Premium Index Finding Rate Price Index Perpetual Engine Liquidity Engine Hedging Engine

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Price & Premium Index
The data includes Price Index and Premium Index, which are used to calculate the Funding Rate for Perpetual Futures contracts. This enables mechanisms that ensure that the price of the contract stays close to the Price Index.
Сutting-Edge Platform
The Marksman Liquidity Hub is a cutting-edge platform that provides institutional and retail brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, and other trading venues the opportunity to offer their clients perpetual futures contracts.
Service Offerings
The service offerings of the Marksman Liquidity Hub are precisely tailored to meet the needs of clients in terms of contract specifications, liquidity, and execution quality.

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Volume modificator
Decimal precision
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Order book depth
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Asks market depth

Our offerings come with comprehensive documentation, API references, and useful information.

Key Features
01. Price Discovery Engine

Unlimited options for trading instruments and liquidity providers connections.

  • Liquidity Providers and Market Data Aggregators can be adapted to meet the client’s needs
  • Supported protocols: IX (Market Data), Websocket API, REST API, Public API, Private API
  • Modular adapters enable connection to supported Liquidity Providers
  • Top-of-the-book prices
  • Full market depth pricing
02. Price Construction Engine
Customize liquidity

Your platform’s liquidity can be shaped by a wide range of suitable parameters.

  • Specify decimal places when quoting symbols
  • Increase or decrease the volume of price levels in the order book
  • Modify the market depth to suit the needs of your trading community
  • Rename any trading instrument or map one instrument liquidity to another
  • Apply markups to meet marketing needs and mitigate pricing risk
03. Reporting System
Track risk hedging

All the information you need on trades and hedge orders at your fingertips.

  • Easily convert data to convenient formats
  • View order details by drilling down
  • Search and filter every field
  • Key information is easily accessible
  • Detailed reporting on the hedging process, execution quality indicators, timing, and other vital data
04. Managing Risks
Select a provider
  • Access to one or multiple LPs
  • Quality control of executions & comprehensive reporting
  • Flexible hedging parameters:
    • Hedging Ratio – a range from 0 to 100% customizable by User Account, Hedging Platform, Symbol, etc.
    • The ability to select and whitelist Hedging Platforms
    • Hedging Order Type, Time-in-Force
    • Symbol override for hedging a linked instrument
    • Min and Max Order Sizes to fine tune your hedging requirements
05. Liquidity Provider Connectivity
Wide range of channels

Discover and access liquidity, execute trades at high speed, and perform trade operations in real-time with low latency.

  • APIs for market data, trading, and account management
  • The capacity to implement bespoke API adapters upon request
  • Support for FIX, WebSocket API, and REST API protocols
  • Ready-to-use adapters for Liquidity Providers
  • Public and Private API
06. API Keys Setup
Effective Management

Access a user’s hedging account on a preferred LP quickly and effectively by entering the API keys.

  • API keys are securely encrypted; no key editing is allowed
  • Connections are established by adding or removing API keys
  • Easily view the status of your connection
07. Synthetic Instruments
Optimal/strategic liquidity feeds

Creating synthetic instruments via the combination of separate symbols, inversion of base and quote assets and application of fractions.

  • Artificial asset pair are easily created (ex. μBTC/DOGE)
  • Fractional instruments can be used (such as μBTC)
  • Synthetic crosses (combining ETH/USDT and XRP/USDT to provide ETH/XRP)
08. Account Management System
Manage multiple assets

Access management system and account status overview are constantly at your disposal.

  • Manage open positions for a single or multiple accounts
  • Verify the current negative balance protection status and any relevant account information
  • Any trade may be viewed, sorted, or searched over a selected time period
  • View balance activity, select time frames, and receive notifications
  • Work with a single account or a group of accounts

Package solutions are tailored to help potential clients pick the one that’s most appropriate for their business needs.

Liquidity providers connectivity
FIX Protocol
Websocket API
Market Data API
Trading API
Account Management API
Public API
Private API
Risk hedging
Connection to Liquidity Provider (s)
Flexible Hedging Parameters
Comprehensive Reporting
Execution Quality Monitoring
Effective Risk Transfer
Hedging on Supported External LPs
Hedging on other External LPs (custom adapter development is required)
Upon Request
Price discovery
Top-of-the-book Prices
Full Market Depth Prices
All Available Symbols
Price construction
Decimal Place Precision
Volume Modifier
Symbol Mapping
Order Book Depth
Synthetic symbols
Synthetic Crosses
Fractional Instruments (such as µBTC)
Hedging parameters
Hedge Ratio – 0..100% (configurable by User Account, Hedging Platform, Symbol, Order Size)
Hedging Platform selection and whitelisting
Configurable Hedging Order Type, Time-in-Force
Hedging Instrument Symbol Override
Configurable Min and Max Order Size

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2 000 USD
2 000 USD
500 USD/mo
1 500 USD/mo
2 500 USD/mo
Hedging Trade Volume charge (applicable to external LPs only)
Supported lps
1 LP
Up to 6 LPs
Annual savings
5 000 USD (saving 1000 USD)
15 000 USD (saving 3000 USD)
coming soon